LCD Slimming Full Body Pulse Massager Muscle Pain Relief Therapy Fat Burner

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Massage is a proven method of pain and stress relief. It helps to reduce tension, minimize swelling and muscle soreness Massage has been shown to maintain stability and enhance performance of the majority of the human body's systems. This bioelectric devices designed for an easy self-management of a range of painful musculoskeletal conditions, inflammatory disorders, stress and fatigue. Also, it can help you get in shape by exercises and promotes specific muscle contractions.

Digital LCD control panel
Stimulation with 4 skin electrodesSimple to follow user manual
Easy to use with illustrated user manual showing appropriate contact points
Comfortable in use
8 pre-set programmed for different parts of the body (ie shoulders, back, joints, limbs)
Adjustable intensity and speed of stimuliAutomatic timerVersatile and portable
Relieves pain in shoulders, back and limbs
Improves blood circulation
Promotes metabolism
Relieves muscular pain
Exercises inactive muscles
Promotes muscle contractions
Relieves muscle spasm and joint stiffness  

Package includes:
1 x Massager Controller
1x Conducting wire
4x Massage pads
1x User manual