Travel 3D Eye Mask Sleep Padded Shade Cover Rest Relax Sleeping Blindfold

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The Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Eye Mask which completely blocking out the light, it's perfect for an afternoon nap, for flight travel, a long car drive, or for meditating and stress relief。 It improves insomnia and gets long REM sleep every night.
NO PRESSURE ON YOUR EYES: It's a 3D design that provides enough space for eye movement. it puts no pressure on your eyes and leaves no marks around them.
The strap is flexible to fit any size of the circumference.
SOFT FEELING AND SKIN FRIENDLY: The 3D Sleep Mask is designed to fit perfectly on your face。It has a soft feeling on your skin relax you for a comfortable sleep.
ENJOY IT ANYWHERE AND ANYTIME. Excellent for travelers, shift workers and people who sleep during the day.

Package Included :
1 x 3D Sleep Eye Mask