Pet Dog Bark Terminator Progressive Stimulus Shock Bark Control Collar Anti Bark

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Advanced Progressive Dog Collar - BARK TERMINATOR III

Bark Terminator III. This is a new generation of the anti-barking collar with many improvements that are to your dog's best interest. You will see the effective control of barking within a day or a few days. The correction is safe and harmless. It is effective enough to get your pet’s attention (stimulation) or interrupt a behavior, not to cause pain. The correction produces less energy than that produced by a static shock from carpeting.

Please note that RED light will be on ONLY when your dog barks. When you put the battery inside the unit, the red light should NOT be on. The tuning wheel is to adjust the intensity of the electrical shock. Your dog will be shocked by the static pulse if barking occurs 3 times within 30 seconds.

Product Features:

  • Humane painless tone followed by shock only if barking persists;
  • Automatically increases tone and shock stimuli as barking persists;
  • The collar will then shut-off automatically for up to 2 minutes to protect your dog and resets back to the mildest shock;
  • Microprocessor controlled;
  • Operates on a standard 6-volt battery;
  • Voice recognition to minimize false triggering;
  • Small and light weight: collar size 20-50cm; module size 5.5cmx4cmx3cm;
  • Good for a dog from 5 lbs to 150 lbs ;
  • APSD-Automatic Power Saving Mode.
Package Includes:
  • The Anti-bark collar (module w/strap)
  • 6-volt Alkaline battery
  • English Instructions