Wireless Digital Thermometer LCD Remote BBQ Grill Meat Kitchen Oven Food Cooking

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The backlit LCD panel of the cooking thermometer allows you to instantly read cooking time, temperature, meat type, and various other information under low light conditions conveniently
Instant read thermometer flashes when a new signal is received from the transmitter and beeps to alert you when cooking is done making it easy for you to know when your food is ready.

8 types of meat: beef, lamb, veal, hamburger/meatballs, pork, turkey, chicken, fish
4 levels with pre-set temperature: Medium rare, Medium, Medium well and Well
Celsius and Fahrenheit switchable
Measurement range in C: 0°C ~ 250°C (Accuracy in C: +/- 2 °C)
The material of probe: stainless steel 304
Length of the probe: 19 cm; Length of the cable: 100 cm
Function: Stopwatch and countdown timer
Transition distance: 30 meters (65 Feet) in open area
Dimensions: Display: 62 × 26 × 120mm, 84Gramm (without battery)
Transmitter/sensor: 50 × 24 × 73 mm, easy 37Gramm (without batteries)
Type 4 x AAA batteries required (not included)

Package includes:
1x Wireless BBQ Thermometer
1x Transmitter Base
1x English Manual
1x Detachable Test Probe