Jewelry Diamond Gemstone Moissanite Authentication Tester Selector

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How Do You Know Your Gems Are Real?
If you work in the jewelry trade or are simply just curious to find out whether your own gemstones or ones you are about to buy are real or fake, then the diamond selector is for you. It's easy to use even for beginners the simple handheld testers have an LCD display, LED lights and emit audible sounds to give accurate readings time after time. It is a sure way to tell the difference between fakes and the real deal, the selector will leave you in no doubt as to the authenticity of your stones:

Clean your stone before testing - grease and other dirt can give inaccurate test results
Touch the probe of the selector to the stone you are testing
If it’s a genuine diamond gem the selector will beep and the scale indicator will light up (a green light)
If it’s a fake (glass for example!) there will be no reaction
With Metal alert (a long beep when the user accidentally touches metal rather than stone)
High cost-effective to the authenticity of your stones
Powered by X1 DC 9V battery (not included)

Package included:
1 x Diamond Selector II
1 x vinyl pouch
1 x Testing platform for loose stones
1 x Instruction manual (ENGLISH version)