Battery Organizer and Tester Removable 72 Batteries Wall Mount or Counter Top

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CONVENIENT STORAGE TOOL - mount it on the wall or in your tool cabinet to save your drawer space, easy for you to see what you need.
A HANDY REMOVABLE BATTERY TESTER - easily check if the batteries are good, it can teste different types of batteries, even rechargeable ones.
KEEP YOUR DRAWERS NEAT - A battery organizer keeps all the batteries stored neatly in one place, and your drawer will be not messy again.

This Product Can Hold 72 Batteries:
9 x Button Cell Batteries(Battery count varies depending on button cell battery type)
8 x D Batteries
10 x C Batteries
9 x 9V Batteries
26 x AA Batteries
10 x AAABatteries

Location Placement-First determines where you want to locate the batter organizer.
It can be stored flat in a drawer or mounted on a wall or inside a closet.
Mounting hardware is included.
The battery tester is located on the upper left-hand side.
Grasp the battery tester and slide up to remove it.
Replace battery tester, making sure to slide the tester into the slots on the organizer to keep it secured in place.
Simply insert the correct battery size into the appropriate storage slot for that size battery.

Included in This Product
1 *Battery organizer and Tester