AK435 360 Degree Self-leveling Cross Laser Level 2 Line 1 Point Horizontal

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Light source: 5mw semiconductor laser
Wavelength: Line: 635nm
Linear accuracy: ± 2.5 / 5M
Brake way: Reluctance moving
Width: Temperature: -5 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
Working life: more than 2000 hours
Size: 98 * 92 * 128mm
Battery: 2 AA batteries(NOT INCLUDED)
Alarm: buzzer long ring

AK435 at horizontal and vertical lines Crossed point adding a highlight. This increased highlights suited for a brighter construction site. Even outdoors, increased highlights were visible. Use 2 Line 1 Point principles, can draw Horizontal line, easy to use.

Function Description:
1. According to positive and negative direction mounted two batteries, turn right switch knob is turned on, all laser line all bright.
2. Increased highlights and wall-mount design, portable and practical, long-distance also can visible.

Package included:
1 x AK435 360-degree Self-leveling Cross Laser Level meter