3 in1 Ear Cleaning USB Endoscope LED Visual Ear Spoon Earpick Otoscope Camera

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1) Creative design: 3 in 1 endoscope inspection camera USB (Type-C, Micro-USB) breaks through the traditional 2 in 1 design, match more types of devices, widely compatible with 4.4+ System OTG and UVC Android Smartphone, Tablet / PC (Vista / XP / Win7 / 8 / 10).
2) Easy to use: Just plug in and install the software via QR code, can also download other Android camera applications. Recommend "CameraFi/Scopecam/AN97/Open Camera" and so on.PC need have CD-ROM, if not, please contact us for download file.
3) Safe cleaning tool: Designed to be a practical and easy to use for safe and hygienic cleaning or checking of your body parts. The tools included in the package are safe for personal and familial use if used properly.
4) 3 in 1 Borescope Inspection Camera, a useful tool for better cleaning your ear canal and it’s also helpful for checking your other body parts.

Your phone needs to support the OTG function and UVC function. (Suggest using the free "USB OTG Checker" app to check if your phone supports the OTG feature or not)
Not suitable for IOS system(iPhone/IPAD), Samsung Galaxy s8/s8+ and so on

Product Specifications:
Outside diameter: 5.5mm
Color: Black
Waterproof level: IP67
Light: 6 adjustable LED light
Interface: USB/Micro USB /Type-c USB

Package Includes:
1 x 3in1 endoscope
1 x Earpick
1 x Instruction